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Breaking through barriers (basic principles)

Oita Mirai Fisheries are committed to contributing to the "creation of a healthy and rewarding diet" for consumers through the production of safe, reliable, and high-quality farmed fish.
In an era of rapid change and uncertainty, we will continue to challenge ourselves to "create and innovate" for a better future based on our philosophy of "breaking through barriers," protecting the abundance of the sea, and becoming a company that energizes Japan while taking root in the local community.

Marine Eco-Label Japan certified

Marine Eco-Label Japan (MEL) is a third-party certification scheme that certifies businesses (fishery and aquaculture industries) that are committed to the sustainability of marine resources and the environment. It is a scheme in which marine products are given the MEL logo and delivered to consumers after passing through a series of its certification processes.
Oita Mirai Fisheries was the 15th of 50 companies (as of November 2021) in the aquaculture sector to be certified in February 2020. (JFRCA10A7500031)

Environmental conservation

Environmental monitoring
We monitor the fishing ground environment by recording daily water temperature and dissolved oxygen and conducting periodic water quality tests, sediment tests, and red tide surveys.
Low-fishmeal feed initiatives
To conserve limited resources, we raise our fish using a portion of mixed feed with reduced fishmeal derived from natural resources. We will continue to explore feeding methods that reduce environmental impact with the cooperation of feed manufacturers and research advisory bodies.

CSR activities

Hosting social studies field trips
We hope that children, the future leaders of our society, will learn the process of putting fish on the dinner table and the importance of environmental conservation by observing the process of feeding and working at the aquaculture farm.
Accepting interns
Through aquaculture internship, we hope that high school students will develop an interest in the work while using it as an opportunity to cultivate a work ethic and a vocational outlook.
Coastal clean-up activities
We participate in community clean-up activities and the cleaning of adjacent beaches several times a year.

Creating economic value

  • We are striving to build an environment in which employees can work comfortably by promoting the use of paid leave.
  • We are developing products to improve quality with assistance from local enterprises, advisory bodies, and universities.
  • We will strive to deliver our fish both domestically and internationally while working to enhance local recognition.